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Check out Miley performing “Week Without You” off her new album, “Younger Now” on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Miley Cyrus kicked off her week of performances on the ‘Tonight Show’ last night with a special tribute performance of’No Freedom’ cover by Dido, with a special guest performer Adam Sandler, in honour of those affected in the Las Vegas massacre.

Watch Miley’s performance of ‘No Freedom’ below.

Miley took to Twitter and Instagram to explain her reasoning behind performing this song, watch her interview below where she explains.

Miley then closed the show with another special tribute performance of her 2009 hit of ‘The Climb’. Check out the closing performance below.

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There’s something slightly familiar about Miley Cyrus’ back-to-roots move, which has her looking and sounding softer, moth-balling the outrageous outfits, retracting that roaming tongue and trading club beats for an acoustic guitar. And then you realize what it is: This reinvention of a reinvention feels like a remake of “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” in which fictional Miley gets shipped off to a farm in Tennessee, where she grapples with an identity crisis over whether to keep or ditch the blond wig. In real life, Cyrus only had to go as far as “Malibu” — the setting of her recent top 10 single — to have an epiphany about trading in her trademark provocations for something more pastoral.

Far be it from us, usually, to knock a late-dawning authenticity embrace. But  “Younger Now,” her sixth album under her own name, is pleasantly meh enough to inspire waves of unexpected nostalgia for twerk-era Miley. It is, by design, the very opposite of a wrecking ball, meant to lull you into a place of arcadian peace, with a few stops for minor romantic paranoia along the way. Oren Yoel, her collaborator for the entire album, has done a yeoman’s job of putting an interesting sonic spin on Cyrus’ sudden urge to get all strummy and finger-picky on us. But she’s too clumsy a lyricist (“Like the grass I’ve watched us grow / I’ve heard you’ll reap only what you’ll sow”) for neo-folk even remotely to be a strong suit. (more…)

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Miley sat down with Zane Lowe from Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio to talk about her new album “Younger Now”. Watch the full interview below!

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Miley Cyrus’ latest Younger Now offering is here in the form of a twangy, country-tinged break-up waiting to happen: “Week Without You.”

The new track, released Thursday (Sept. 21), finds Cyrus fantasizing about taking a week-long break from her lover in favor of “kissing other dudes” and “laying out in the sun” with her girls. “If I spent a week without you, huh, I’d probably have so much fun,” the 24-year-old drawls, though she admits in the end, “you know I’d miss you, baby.”

“Week Without You” comes ahead of Cyrus’ upcoming performance at iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Sept. 23. The rollicking, tongue-in-cheek song follows up “Malibu,” “Inspired” and the album’s title track, which Cyrus dropped in August.

Check out “Week Without You” below. Younger Now is due Sept. 29.


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Miley’s cover of Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness currently holds the record as most viewed Radio 1 Live Lounge video of all time, but we think Miley Cyrus might just snatch her own crown after her latest acoustic session.

Performing in front of friends, family and the lucky Radio 1 crew (Clara, we’re looking at you!), Miley blew the rainbow-striped roof off of the recording studio that just so happens to be located in her garden. How’s that for a commute?! Not shabby, Cyrus. Not shabby at all.

But first, before our ears were blessed by Miley’s music lab (her words, not ours!), Grimmy caught up with the star to ask if his invite got lost in the post…

Miley performed 5 songs, including; Malibu, Younger Now, Party in the USA, See You Again & a cover of Roberta Flack’s The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. Watch all the performances below:

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