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004. Candids > 2015 > 18th January – Spotted in Hawaii with Patrick

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006. Magazine Scans > 2015 > Teen Vogue – February


006. Magazine Scans > 2015 > Marie Claire – February

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004. Candids > 2015 > 16th January – Heading to a Studio in Los Angeles

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004. Candids > 2015 > 15th January – Walking Mary-Jane in Los Angeles

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1. I would always: Be home with my pig if I could—her name is Pig.
I would never: Leave home without Pig. Like right now, the only reason why I wanna go home is so I can play with Pig. She lets me paint her nails!

2. I’m picky about: Food. I’m better now but not that much better. I didn’t eat anything green until I was 18. I only ate yellow food.
Not so much about: Fancy hotels. At some of the places we stayed while we were on tour, everyone was like, “This is shady.” I’m like, “They got room service, I’m happy.”

3. Glad it’s ahead of me: I’m 21, and I have a lot of options of what I could do in my life. And my next album is gonna be really fun. I think I’m going to do a lot of cool things by the time I’m only 25. Then I have longer to do some other really cool things.
Glad it’s behind me: I had some shady wardrobe choices when I was about 16 to 18. I wore this hippie outfit to Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never premiere that I’m like, Girl, who told you—it was not Woodstock, it was a premiere. (more…)

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Miley Cyrus sat down with Glamour’s Alessandra Stenherr to talk about Miley’s new team-up with MAC and their Viva Glam line. The video was conducted during Miley’s press conference for the new line last year.

On working with MAC: “I think it’s important for me, someone who talks to so many young people all the time, being able to take advantage of the platform that I’ve been given. That’s why MAC is so cool – they do the same thing. It’s so easy when you have everything to not wanna give back in this way, but MAC are using their power for good, versus kind of doing nothing with it.” (more…)

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